What is SEO?

Guide only for beginners

what is SEO for beginners

This is an SEO for beginners guide! 

Once you started a blog, if not please read to start a blog for beginners.

Then your next step is to learn some basics of SEO for beginners.

What SEO actually is?   

SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization hopefully, you probably already knew that.

To put it simply, SEO really is optimizing your website or blog for search engines and in other words,

SEO is the process of tweaking and improving your website to gets ranked higher in major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.
Speaking of different search engines, one thing you’re gonna notice is that I’ll actually be referring to google most of the time and
that’s because google by far has the most search engine market out of any other search engine.
According to comScore a study in 2014 Google has 67 percent of u.s. search engine market share and in Europe, they have over 90 percent.
There are over 130 million registered websites out there on the internet to sort through all of it rely on search engines to find what we want.
These search engines have become so good that over 90% of people using the internet rely on them to find things.
Now there are lots of good search engines out there but about 83% of people worldwide use google.
So that’s what we’ll use in this articles, just keep in mind the concepts we’re discussing apply to all the other search engines too.
However many SEO professionals know that Google actually has much higher search engine market share and many of  SEO experts know that market share in the US is probably closer to 80 or 90%.
Companies can pay Google to place ads for when people search for particular things but this is the section most people care about it’s the actual results list which is just a list of websites that are most likely to contain what you’re looking
So let’s now switch and talk about organic SEO, it’s very important because you’re gonna actually hear that term a lot organic and you might actually also hear the word  natural search results
So both refer to search results that are not paid and they’re pretty much the same thing you actually can distinguish organic or natural search results from paid
Because the paid search results are usually at the very top of the search engine result page and or there along the right-hand side.
Now search engines usually label or color, paid results to help them stay separate for from organic search results.
The organic search result runs along the left-hand side of the page and they’re called organic or natural.
Any web page can rank there as long as the content is really good really relevant in super popular. 
In fact, Google actually collects over 200 signals or pieces of information from your website when determining how high to rank your blog or website and where to rank you.
That’s why optimization is so important. you need to make sure that Google can easily crawl, understand and properly index your website in their search engine.
In our example, we searched for California sandals and we got back about twenty-two million website results.
it’s not exactly a small number, have you ever wondered why some websites show up on this first page and others are stuck way down at the bottom of the pile?
well, a site’s position in search results is determined by what’s referred to as PageRank.
Every website has a ranking for particular search terms or keywords.
There are two corresponding components to SEO, first is the on-site component or on-page SEO.
This is where you ensure your site is full of keywords that are relevant to what your site is about.
For example, if you sell sandals in California you want to make sure relevant keywords are on your sites like sandals in California, Ocean Beach, flip-flops shoes leather and things.
The second component of SEO is called off-site SEO or off-page SEO,
This is where you work to create backlinks to your website that originate from other sources links to your site can be created using articles, social media, blog posts, discussion boards and so on
But keep this in mind, the more influential or legitimate the website is that links back to you the more effect that backlink from that site is going to have on your search result ranking.
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So your next question should be
How do I properly optimize my website for search engines?
The answer is Keyword research which plays major roles in SEO for beginners to Learn and implement.
So I can get it to rank higher and that’s a great question and we’re gonna answer that question over the course of the next articles and throughout the whole SEO for beginners guide.