Write your first content and publish

Step 6 to Start a blog

Let us take if your blog niche related to e-commerce business and your first post is what is e-commerce business and how to make money from it?                

Open your note which you have created in Evernote for your first post


Short notes:

  • First, google it and learn deeply related to e-commerce business and understand clearly.
  • Keep note important tips, ideas, steps etc.
  • Create at least 5 to 7 subheadings related to your post.
  • Open canva.com and create 1 big image(600 X 800) related to your blog post.
  • Create 3 to 5 small images related to subheadings or any important tips etc.
  • Write your content as much simple as possible with normal language
  • Provide complete information related to post
  • Provide backlinks to a high authentic website like Wikipedia, google to any of the words. 

Tips for a beginner:

  • Completely stay away from Keyword, SEO, On-page optimize for your first post
  • Write complete articles and don’t stop in between to correct grammar mistakes, check it once all finish
  • Use Grammarly, it will help you to autocorrect and suggest your content to change better
  • Focus to complete articles.
  • Keep your mind not to change or jump to anything else (Don’ worry if changes or jumps, come back again. it’s human nature)

Tips to focus on target

  • Don’t try to hit the publish button while completing your post.
  • Reread your article at least two times, this will help you to read like readers perspective and help your correct mistakes by yourself.
  • Don’t repeat the same word again.
  • If you are working alone then you can ask your friends or family members who have knowledge in grammar.
  • Highlight some important words in bold and color text (optional).

Short tips for beginners blog

Once your first content ready, go to yourblog/wp-admin and log in with WordPress username and password                   

Click the post or pages you wish to publish and then click Add new button

How to write first post on wordpress

Enter the title of your post and paste your content and click preview before publish

How to publish your first content on wordress

once you published, plan for another 20 articles in next 30 days and publish.


how to write your first content and publish