Sixty days strategies to build a better blog with infographics

Step 5 to Start a blog

Day 1 – 7

  • Decide your blog niche

  • Register your domain name and web hosting (check plan in GodaddyFastwebhost for cheaper prices and beginners, and check Bluehost for advanced user)

  • Install WordPress theme and Recommended Plugin.

  • Write contact me, about me, privacy, terms & condition pages and publish it.

  • Complete basic setup for your blog.

  • Research and prepare 20 article topics for your blog.

Day 8 – 20

  • Learn and understand basic things from related blogs.

  • Create 5 to 7 headings for each article.

  • Prepare at least one big image and 3 to 4 small images related to your article.

  • Read your articles twice before publish it on a blog to identify if any grammar mistakes.

  • Prepare 5 articles to publish for next 10 days.

Day 21 – 30

  • Start to prepare your next 10 articles.

  • Meanwhile, share your published articles on the social network.

  • Ask your friends to read and comment on it.

Day 31 – 40

  • Start Learning some basic SEO.

  • Prepare 5 more articles with minimum 1000 words.

  • Update SEO on published articles.

Day 41 – 60

    • Submit all post to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    • Learn How to promote your blog.

    • Publish 5 to 10 guest post on your related site and get backlinks.

  • Keep Learn, write a post and publish it.

  • Keep Blogging.

60 days strategy to build better blog guide for beginners
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