How to Register your Blog Domain name and Webhosting

Step-2 To Start a blog

Short Tips to register a perfect domain name                   

  • Check your domain name availability in Bluehost
  • Stay with a brand name instead of personal name for your blog.
  • Your domain name should say all about your blog like 
  • Register your domain name with .com extension instead of .xyz ,or stay at least with .net
  • Try to register with most searched keywords in google
  • The domain name should be easy to write and pronounce
  • Try to avoid long domain name like
  • Stay away from a free domain like or 
  • Spend a small amount of money to register a domain like

For the beginners, register your domain name in Bluehost, as they provide cheap prices and 24/7 support over a phone call and chat to play with your domain name like transfer, redirecting etc         

They help step by step method to clear your all problems

Register your web hosting         

web hosting is nothing but to store all your website data

Stay with Bluehost for web hosting for all beginners because

  • 24/7 support over a phone call and chat
  • Cheap prices for beginner blogs
  • Can upgrade anytime to ultimate plan or unlimited plan once you get more visitors
  • Main reasons I am asking you to register in GoDaddy for beginners, they will never hesitate to help in any aspect for beginners
  • Top web hosting in the world
  • Check Bluehost for pricing and plan.
Register blog domain name and webhosting