How to Choose a Blog Niche

Step-1 To Start a blog

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  1. Choose your blog niche
  2. Register your blog domain name and hosting
  3. Install WordPress for your blog and customize themes
  4. Recommended Plugin to install
  5. Plan for sixty days strategies to develop a better blog
  6. How to find topics for your blog
  7. Write your first content and publish
  8. Promote and Increase your blog visitors
  9. Make money blogging
  10. Extra Tips and Guidance

Step-1 Choose your blog niche

A niche blog narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back

Peoples searches the internet to find the solution to their problems if you keep providing a solution in the niche subject,

The readers will keep stick on your blog to get more updates.

If you already decided your blog niche or platform to proceed, please don’t wait for anything.

Start with your own ideas to start your first blog to learn more about blogging world, then later you will get more different ideas to blog niche once you on the way of blogging.

But if you are confused or struggling with choosing your first blog niche, let me give you some basic ideas,
Here it is

  • Start your first blog in your interest field
  • Start with tutorials on any specific subject, interest or any topics related to studies, programming language(because people have no better platform to learn apart from internet),  
  • How to related blog on a specific niche like
    • How to on android apps
    • how to DIY stuff 
    • How to in business,
    • Rest of things I am leaving it to your mind.
  • Start with local news blog that focuses only on your areas (so that easy to manage the first blog)
  • Choose some specific online business make money platform like freelancer, blogging, youtube etc
  • Choose something that you know really and love it.

Whatever blog niche you choose, don’t forget to keep another blogging about blog tutorials like  with help of ultimate hosting or unlimited website hosting you can manage more than one domain in single hosting.

You may ask! already millions of websites or blogs available on the internet to teach blogging knowledge, who will see my new blog tutorials, that’s totally wrong.

If you are in that mind! you have no other option to start anything except something on the moon.

Definitely, you understand something better than someone else, and if you express those understanding on your perspective style some readers(like you minded people) like your teachings and wish to read your other articles.

  • Write down at least top 10 interest on papers or in Evernote (my favorite note tool).
  • Strikeout 7 out of 10 lists which you have no deep knowledge in it
  • Find the related stuff on google of remaining three topics 
  • Choose final niche which Google does not provide better information on the blog so that easily you can increase visitors to your blog.

“Final words to choose your first blog, keep stick with the blog niche on what you know and you love it”

Final tips to anyone who says

  • I don’t have much deep knowledge on any topics of my interest 
  • I don’t know where to start, what to write
  • I don’t well in language
  • I don’t know what topics, articles to write

Then please follow the simple steps to choose a blog niche

  1. Please choose your blog niche as your wish of any interest 
  2. Google it and go through the top five websites.
  3. Start reading the articles one by one and understand it.
  4. Keep post in your blog same with following simple steps
    • Write articles based on your understanding with your own perspective
    • Make it simple content 
    • Add more pictures (use to prepare your own)
    • Don’t Copy paste directly from other blogs/website (Google will not list your site in the search engine when people searches)

Random Tips to Stay Away from

  1. Choosing a wide area of the blog like traveling, reviews, how to do everything, tech matters on various subject.
  2. Choosing a blog based on only for money making minded. 
How to choose blog niche