How to start a blog to make money for beginners

10 Simple Steps with 60 days strategy guide

Updated June 2018

Step by step guide to starting a blog for beginners in next 30 minutes

Hope you are looking to start a blog for beginners to make money online and for your passion? or already you have started a blog but not happy with that, If I am right, this is not your first post or article you reading to start a blog.

Yes, there are millions of post with the various knowledge available on the web which makes me frustrated to read when I was a beginner to start a blog.

Here I have listed some basics method and knowledge you need to know before launching any blog or website with step by step guide

I am going to explain very simple manner without in-depth knowledge,  because when I was planned to start a blog, I have come across thousands of experienced blogger articles to make a blog but even after one year I did not start any single blog, then I come to know that we cannot learn complete knowledge of blogging or ideas behind successful blog within a day.

So it can be only possible when days are going with practical experience of blogging. The successful blogging will come into your life one day only after a lot of trial and error method. So in this tutorials, I have avoided most of the hardest things which actually you don’t need it now to start a blog for beginners

If you keep reading something without any single actions you make, then it will be considered as only reading similar to the newspaper instead of learning something.

So start something, make mistakes and learn practical knowledge. once you have done, then all your mistakes will teach you how to do, where to do, what to do

                               so “something is better than nothing”

This guide helps you to make your first blog with step by step method.

I have seen in almost all well-experienced bloggers saying that “You can benefit from more than a decade of my experience so that you don’t repeat these same mistakes when you make your own blog”  and they write a post how to start a blog for beginners without any common mistakes

But they all forgot one thing that they all did those mistakes in the beginning and corrected on futures and they reached a successful blogger now. if you go through a lot of mistakes which done by a successful blogger and want to avoid those all to make a blog, then you will never start a blog. because you will never come to know which is very important, where to start and what to start.

Finally, you will be like me by wasting one year before you start any blog.  you can learn only after starting a blog and make mistakes.

Are you curious to start reading the first step and skip the rest of the introduction? then click here to start a blog for beginners step-1

Ok, What is really mean by blog and website?

What is a blog and what is a website? It’s even more challenging to differentiate between the two today. Many sites are integrating blogs into their websites to perform the same function.

blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. In short, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content and updated post frequently, also known as blog posts.

Good examples include a food blog sharing meal recipes or a company writing about their industry news.

website is anything on the internet presented in HTML/CSS or Java/Javascript/Python/Php, etc. comprises of a website A blog may be part of the website.

It is something which some products or company needs, they will list all other services and products details linked to another page which static content on the front page of websites.

Anyhow! you don’t need to worry about whether you need a website or blog to make money. don’t confuse with blog and website. just go ahead with your own idea, your site may contain either blog on the front page or static content.

It will never make any difference to make money from your site. hereafter we will call everything as site or blog

Is that you need a blog?

Before you proceed to read further, Just think about is that really you need a blog!

Share your Knowledge: Hope you crossed the age of 18 or 48, you may be either in the classroom or office. daily we are learning something and everyone must have some interest or have practical knowledge at least any single field either in games, coding, painting, photography, reading books, political, engineering, sports, football, cricket, DIY, food, traveller, etc.

Every day we are spending at some time in our interest, why don’t you think about to share those things with others?

Why don’t you help others to teach your interest and make money from that?

Do you think! you cannot well in writing or you cannot share your knowledge. Don’t worry, there is no any formal or mandatory rules you need to follow while you writing a post on your blog, the only thing you need to express what you have in your heart.

Teaching or helping others make you strong in your field.

Become a writer: One of the misconceptions about starting a blog is that you need to be a great writer to be successful, that’s totally wrong, people like to read a blog in natural ways or to understanding the personal perspective of things.

You don’t need to be expert on your blog topic, instead only thing you need an interest in the topic. people read your blog if it simple and in normal language.

By the day’s passing, you will start feeling as a writer and happy because people will keep you recognizing

Make money from online: the Ultimate aim of anyone to make money online from your blog. is that possible from your blog! of course.

Keep in mind that, No one providing free service to anyone on the internet. Behind the screen, everyone making money from it, either by Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling something etc.

Internet era keeps raising as anything like before. now people are looking for help from google instead of nearby friends.

Don’t think about how to make money from our blog before you start a blog, then it will change your focus of mind on your interested topic to money minded topic which will never help you at the beginning of blogging life.

Definitely, you will come to know how to make money from your blog once your blog gets more visitors, So keep a focus on blogging you are interested and have knowledge on the topic.

Keep learning and helping others: Not only money matters, it will keep you update on your topic because you start learning a lot in order to write and readers will ask you more questions and it helps you to learn more.

How to start a blog for beginners in 10 simple steps

Learn how to create a blog in 10 simple ways by following these steps.

  1. Choose your Blog niche
  2. Register blog domain and web hosting
  3. Install wordpress and customize theme
  4. Recommeded Plugin to install
  5. Sixty days strategies to develop a better blog
  6. How to find topics for your blog
  7. Write your first content and publish
  8. Promote and increase blog visitors
  9. Make money from your blog
  10. Extra Tips and Guidance

Step 1: Choose your blog niche

A niche blog narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back

Peoples searches the internet to find the solution to their problems if you keep providing a solution in the niche subject,

The readers will keep stick on your blog to get more updates.

If you already decided your blog niche or platform to proceed, please don’t wait for anything.

Start with your own ideas to start your first blog to learn more about blogging world, then later you will get more different ideas to blog niche once you on the way of blogging.

But if you are confused or struggling with choosing your first blog niche, let me give you some basic ideas,

Here it is

  • Start your first blog in your interest field
  • Start with tutorials on any specific subject, interest or any topics related to studies, programming language(because people have no better platform to learn apart from internet),
  • How to related blog on a specific niche like
    • How to on android apps
    • how to DIY stuff
    • How to in business,
    • Rest of things I am leaving it to your mind.
  • Start with local news blog that focuses only on your areas (so that easy to manage the first blog)
  • Choose some specific online business make money platform like freelancer, blogging, youtube etc
  • Choose something that you know really and love it.

Whatever blog niche you choose, don’t forget to keep another blogging about blog tutorials like  with help of ultimate hosting or unlimited website hosting you can manage more than one domain in single hosting.

You may ask! already millions of websites or blogs available on the internet to teach blogging knowledge, who will see my new blog tutorials, that’s totally wrong.

If you are in that mind! you have no other option to start anything except something on the moon.

Definitely, you understand something better than someone else, and if you express those understanding on your perspective style some readers(like you minded people) like your teachings and wish to read your other articles.

  • Write down at least top 10 interest on papers or in Evernote (my favourite note tool).
  • Strikeout 7 out of 10 lists which you have no deep knowledge of it
  • Find the related stuff on google of remaining three topics
  • Choose final niche which Google does not provide better information on the blog so that easily you can increase visitors to your blog.

Final words to choose your first blog, keep stick with the blog niche on what you know and you love it”

Final tips to anyone who says

  • I don’t have much deep knowledge on any topics of my interest.
  • I don’t know where to start, what to write.
  • I don’t well in the language.
  • I don’t know what topics, articles to write.

Then please follow the simple steps to choose a blog niche.

  1. Please choose your blog niche as your wish of any interest
  2. Google it and go through the top five websites.
  3. Start reading the articles one by one and understand it.
  4. Keep post in your blog same with following simple steps
    • Write articles based on your understanding with your own perspective
    • Make it simple content 
    • Add more pictures (use to prepare your own)
    • Don’t Copy paste directly from other blogs/website (Google will not list your site in the search engine when people searches)

Random Tips to Stay Away from

  1. Choosing a wide area of the blog like travelling, reviews, how to do everything, tech matters on various subject.
  2. Choosing a blog based on only for money making minded.

Step 2: Register your blog domain name and web hosting

Choose your blog domain name

Short Tips to register a perfect domain name.

  • Stay with a brand name instead of a personal name for your blog.
  • Your domain name should say all about your blog like
  • Register your domain name with .com extension instead of .xyz ,or stay at least with .net
  • Try to register with most searched keywords in google
  • The domain name should be easy to write and pronounce
  • Try to avoid long domain name like
  • Stay away from a free domain like or
  • Spend a small amount of money to register a domain like

For the beginners, register your domain name in Bluehost, as they provide cheap prices and 24/7 support over a phone call and chat to play with your domain name like transfer, redirecting etc

They help step by step method to clear your all problems

Register your web hosting

Web hosting is nothing but to store all your website data

Highly Recommended web hosting by most of the expert blogger is Bluehost  (Free domain and Free SSL include with this link)

Stay with Bluehost for web hosting for all beginners because

  • 24/7 support over a phone call and chat
  • Cheap prices for beginner blogs
  • Can upgrade anytime to ultimate plan or unlimited plan once you get more visitors
  • Main reasons I am asking you to register in Bluehost for beginners, they will never hesitate to help in any aspect for beginners.
  • Top web hosting in the world
  • Check Bluehost plan to register your hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress and Customize themes

Once you registered a domain name and web hosting with Bluehost(Highly recommended web hosting by expert bloggers around the world) you will receive a username and password for your Cpanel.

Don’t worry if you face any problem, Bluehost Support team guide through a phone call or chat by navigating step by step to install WordPress

  1. Log in to your  Bluehost account.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next, to the hosting account, you want to use, click Manage.
  4. Under Options & Settings in the Popular Apps section, click WordPress.
  5. Click the Install button.
  6. Complete the on-screen fields, and then click OK:
    • Domain — Select the domain on your account you want to use.
    • Directory — Enter the directory after the domain name where you want to install WordPress. If you want the domain name itself to use WordPress, the directory field should be left blank.
    • Enter an Admin Name, an Admin Password (and its confirmation), an Email Address and the Blog Title.

On the installation process, you will be asked for admin username and password for WordPress account to access WordPress dashboard, default it will be username as admin and password as pass, change it as per your wish

  • Then go to yourwebsitename/wp-admin
  • Enter the WordPress username and password

How to login wordpress

  • Click Appearance and then choose themes

How to add new themes on wordpress


  • If you have already downloaded themes and click upload theme to upload or navigate free available themes in WordPress before you proceed to install click Live preview and then click activate if wish to continue

How to activate theme on wordpress

  • Once you installed and activated click customize to customize basic things in the appearance of a blog

How to customize theme on wordpress

  • Until you ur blog filled with at least 20 posts, Keep your blog with Homepage as A static page (personally recommended for beginners)

    How to set basic setups for wordpress themes

  • Just play and modify around rest of the options to customize your blog as you like

Short tips for customizing themes

  • Don’t Waste many times on customizing themes because you will keep modifying themes as you feel not happy with your blogs at the beginning, because still your blogs not filled with any content, Don’t worry, by the days passes, Change one by one
  • Don’t change any basic theme customize until you filled your blog with 20 articles
  • Stick with the free theme once you start the blog

Step 4: Recommended Plugin to install

Tiny MCE Advanced

TinyMCE advanced plugin for beginners

  • Free WordPress theme has only basic editing tools
  • Install Tiny MCE advanced to change the font, sizes, post background colour, text background colour etc


akismet plugin to remove spam comments

  • Automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam.
  • Each comment has a status history, so you can easily see which comments were caught or cleared by Akismet and which were spammed or unspammed by a moderator.
  • URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.
  • Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user.
  • A discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam, saving you disk space and speeding up your site.


Hassle-free design, marketing, and security — all in one place


  • Hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site
  • Intuitive and powerful customization tools
  • Unlimited and high-speed image and video content delivery network


Measure, promote, and earn moment from your site. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Site stats and analytics
  • Automated social media posting and scheduling in advance
  • Elasticsearch-powered related content and site search
  • SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and
  • Advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo
  • Simple PayPal payment buttons


Stop worrying about data loss, downtime, and hacking. Jetpack helps you with:

  • Brute force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring
  • Daily or real-time backups of your entire site
  • Secure logins with optional two-factor authentication
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts

WP Super Cache

wp super cache plugin recommended plugin

    • A plugin like WP Super Cache creates static pages of your site, which reduces the page serving time and also performs a fewer number of PHP calls; without caching your page, load times will increase significantly.
    • Having a caching mechanism on WordPress (especially if you’re on shared hosting) is essential for the smooth running of your site.
    • If you’re using a lot of plugins, you also may face load time issues.
    • WP Super Cache WordPress plugin is one such plugin that helps you optimize your database by generating static HTML files, which are used to serve the request.
    • This way, when any page is requested from your blog, static pages will be served instead of processing all of the PHP scripts.
  • In particular, on shared hosting where there are lots of limitations, the best advice is to optimize your WordPress blog before you end up crashing your server, or your blog starts showing page-load errors.

Step 5: Plan for sixty days of strategies to develop a better blog 

Click here for infographics

Day 1 – 7

  • Decide your blog niche
  • Register your domain name and web hosting Bluehost.
  • Install WordPress theme and Recommended Plugin.
  • Write contact me, about me, privacy, terms & condition pages and publish it.
  • Complete basic setup for your blog.
  • Research and prepare 20 article topics for your blog.

Day 8 – 20

  • Learn and understand basic things from related blogs.
  • Create 5 to 7 headings for each article.
  • Prepare at least one big image and 3 to 4 small images related to your article.
  • Read your articles twice before publish it on a blog to identify if any grammar mistakes.
  • Prepare 5 articles to publish for next 10 days.

Day 21 – 30

  • Start to prepare your next 10 articles.
  • Meanwhile, share your published articles on the social network.
  • Ask your friends to read and comment on it.

Day 31 – 40

  • Start Learning some basic SEO.
  • Prepare 5 more articles with minimum 1000 words.
  • Update SEO on published articles.

Day 41 – 60

    • Submit all post to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
    • Learn How to promote your blog.
    • Publish 5 to 10 guest post on your related site and get backlinks.
  • Keep Learn, write a post and publish it.
  • Keep Blogging.

Step 6: How to find topics for your blog               

There are plenty of tools available on the internet to get your next blog post ideas, but I personally suggest you to stay away from that tools until you publish your first 20 posts on your blog with common articles related to your blog niche

Tips about SEO for blog Beginners 

Research your related blog industry and list out 20 basic article title in Evernote 

for example, if your blog niche related e-commerce business

Step 1:  Research your related blog industry and list out 20 basic article title in Evernote

Step 2: Go to google and write your blog niche e-commerce business and Google will suggest you most searched keyword

google suggestion for beginner blog to identify keyword Google suggestion

Step 3: Go to  and search your blog niche topics, it will give you most searched words on the internet, check various possible related searched keywords by

Blog post Ideas from answerpublic

Step 7: Write your first content and publish

Let us take if your blog niche related to e-commerce business and your first post is what is e-commerce business and how to make money from it?    

Open your note which you have created in Evernote for your first post

Short notes:

  • First, google it and learn deeply related to e-commerce business and understand clearly.
  • Keep note important tips, ideas, steps etc.
  • Create at least 5 to 7 subheadings related to your post.
  • Open and create 1 big image(600 X 800) related to your blog post.
  • Create 3 to 5 small images related to subheadings or any important tips etc.
  • Write your content as much simple as possible with normal language
  • Provide complete information related to post
  • Provide backlinks to a high authentic website like Wikipedia, google to any of the words.

Tips for a beginner

  • Completely stay away from Keyword, SEO, On-page optimize for your first post
  • Write complete articles and don’t stop in between to correct grammar mistakes, check it once all finish
  • Use Grammarly, it will help you to autocorrect and suggest your content to change better
  • Focus to complete articles.
  • Keep your mind not to change or jump to anything else (Don’ worry if changes or jumps, come back again. it’s human nature).

Tips to focus on target

  • Don’t try to hit the publish button while completing your post.
  • Reread your article at least two times, this will help you to read like readers perspective and help your correct mistakes by yourself.
  • Don’t repeat the same word again.
  • If you are working alone then you can ask your friends or family members who have knowledge of grammar.
  • Highlight some important words in bold and colour text (optional).

Short tips for beginners blog

Once your first content ready, go to yourblog/wp-admin and log in with WordPress username and password

Click the post or pages you wish to publish and then click Add new button

How to write first post on wordpress

Enter the title of your post and paste your content and click preview before publish

How to publish your first content on wordress

once you published, plan for another 20 articles in next 30days and publish


Step 8: Promote and Increase your blog visitors 

Have you started a blog recently or going to start now, Cool! Don’t worry about the visitors for your blog the day you posted the first content, but this is the next step you should take care of your blog

Promote your blog for free

  • Share your post link all social media: facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Share your post link to your friend’s circle, ask them to read and comment.
  • Search forum related to your blog niche and help some of the questions and provide your blog link to get backlinks.
  • Comments on other blog or website related to your niche.
  • Write a Guest post on your related blog niche.
  • Write answers on Quora and get backlinks

Promote your blog with paid services

  • Search freelancer to promote your blog on freelancer, fiver.
  • Boost your blog on facebook, twitter to target customers
  • Build more subscriber through email marketing with permission of visitors

I have shortened the guide; start a blog for beginners in order to focus on starting a blog and post around 20 articles within 60days.

Step 9: Make Money from your blog

Once you have created a great blog and filled your site with quality content and reached reasonable visitors, then making money is an easy part for anyone.

Keep in mind that, wherever you see around the world, nothing is free except Allah’s gift, for a human you need to pay your love and kindness to get back same.

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick by making money online, then you’re in the wrong place.

So, whatever you read on the internet, it’s not free really, they making money behind it from any of the following ways.

Google Adsense: provides a way for website owners to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching text and display ads to your site based on your content and visitors.

Affiliate marketing: is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts: Once you get the reasonable visitors for your blog, some company interested to post on your website and they will pay for it

Get Paid to Write Reviews: Review some services or product on your blog and get paid for it

Sell Ebooks on your blog:  write some complete tutorials or articles and convert into the ebook(get freelancer) and sell on your blog       

Sell Online Courses: If you are specialized in your blog niche, create a complete video course and sell to visitors and or sell any physical products related to your blog

Use ad space: sell your space on your blog and get paid if anyone clicks ads.

There are plenty of ways available to make money, don’t change your mind on your blog niche in order to money making an idea, every blog niche can make money if your blog quality to visitors. So, don’t worry about that now.

Step 10: Extra Tips and Guidance 

The step-by-step guide to starting a blog for beginners on this blog should give you everything you need to get started, but if you still face some issues or need any suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Reminder and Final Checklist 

  • Decide your blog niche
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Complete basic setups for theme an install recommended plugins
  • Write contact us, about me, privacy policy, disclosure, terms condition pages
  • Collect the 20 article titles for your blog by google suggestion,
  • Learn deeply and  write based on your own understanding and publish for your first content
  • Submit sitemaps to google, yahoo and bing etc
  • Prepare a checklist and write remaining 20 articles on next 60 days

Stay away from following things until you post 20 contents on your blog

Everyone knows the SEO is playing a major role in blogging to bring organic traffics to your sites, but now rather its very important to learn some basic things which need at least 2 to 3 months,

If you focus on SEO at the beginning of blogs, it will confuse and distract your mind from the target and make frustrated. So, for beginners stay away from following things until either 60 days passes or post 20 content.

  • Choosing article content based only on money making ideas.
  • Researching, Reading and Registering and wasting time in affiliate marketing on the various platform (most of them will not approve for beginners).
  • Keep a focus on 60 days strategies or your planned checklist to achieve your target.
  • Sometime you will be bored on learning and writing same kind of interest, so register hosting with multiple domains, which you can create a different blog without spending any extra money except for domain.

Last but not least,

  1. Stay with your interest in blog niche.
  2. Don’t be shy about sharing your blog with your friends.
  3. Focus on your target.
  4. Motivate your self to reach the target.
  5. Whatever blog you planned to start, meanwhile you can have a secondary blog similar to to provide the guide like start a blog for beginners Because you may help other beginners on your perspective which may better than beginners blog.

Ready to Launch Your First Blog