How to make 1$ per click

How to make money online

Hi Geeks,
I’m going to show you how you we can make one to ten dollars per click and really it’s just that easy alright.
In this blog we’re going to be talking about one way in particular, creativelive is an awesome platform.

creativelive it’s an incredible platform itself if you want to actually sign up yourself and learn they have a ton of different types of classes here

like InDesign, crafts maker, music and they have all different types of things.

They have live stuff too it’s a really interesting site and they have an even more interesting affiliate program.

They have a really interesting affiliate program. As you know most affiliate programs actually are you have to sign up as an affiliate and if someone buys something through your link then you get a percentage.
But this affiliate program is actually very unique and the reason for that is you get one dollar every time a new registration signup occurs.
Doesn’t say purchase that doesn’t mean that somebody has to go buy $100 worth of stuff for you to get one dollar.
This literally means that every new registration signup you get paid one dollar and you get 20% of all of the customers sales associated with that person sign up right so if they sign up and then they buy something for $100 you get $20 of that sale as well so it’s a really really crazy way to actually make money.
And you can just have like all of your friends and family and everybody sign up for this and you get paid $1 for every single person that actually signs up.

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