Not A Single Successful Blogger Made a Money at first Try.! They Succeed After a Lot of Trail and Error Method.​

Stop Research, Start Action

Start a Blog in 10 simple Steps for beginners only with 60 days strategy guide to make money online.This tutorials designed only for beginners in-order choose your first blog on your interest field and helps you to make money from your blog.

2.Write for a Blog

The next step is to write for a blog with amazing engaging content. You need to be award winning writer for your blog. If you can able read these and undertand the meaning then you are more than enough to write for your blog, rest of things you will learn while you writing.

3.Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Opitimization is not a rocket science to learn for beginners. It is very interesting subject to learn when you understand properly.In a nutshell, It is a techniques to optimizing your site content for search engines. So that it will help google to list your website for relevant searches.

4.How to Increase Blog Traffic

Increasing the Blog Traffic is a another  headache for the beginners, But stop thinking about these subjects at first day of your blogging. Keep blogging until fill your website with atleast 2 to 4 articles then learn about to bring traffic to your site and implement step by step to increase your blog traffic.

5.Promote a Blog

Once Blog and content is ready,don’t wait for google to display your website on first page of google. promote a blog on google adwords and social media like facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest. Learn all Digital marketing tips to promote a blog to bring more traffic. digital marketing is not a useless topics, these will decide your blog earnings. 

6.Make Money From Blog

Money making is our ultimate aim in blogging life, But stop, don’t Keep learning lot about money making guide until your blog filled with quality content and getting reasonable traffic to your site. don’t worry there is tons of option available their to make money from your blog once you have traffic to your site.So, set your target and achieve it. money will follows you back.

1.How to Start a Blog for Beginners to Make Money


Starting a blog for beginners to make money online is not a rocket science.! 

do you like to start a new blog or already started  but not happy with that, If I am right, this is not your first post or article you reading to start a blog.How to start a blog to make money guide for beginners with 60 days strategy

Yes, there are millions of post with the various knowledge available on the web which makes me frustrated to read when I was a beginner to start a blog.

Here I have listed some basics method and knowledge you need to know before launching any blog or website with step by step guide.

I am going to explain very simple manner without in-depth knowledge,  because when I was planned to start a blog, I have come across thousands of experienced blogger articles to make a blog but even after one year I did not start any single blog, then I come to know that we cannot learn complete knowledge of blogging or ideas behind successful blog within a day.

So it can be only possible when days are going with practical experience of blogging. The successful blogging will come into your life one day only after a lot of trial and error method. So in this tutorials, I have avoided most of the hardest things which actually you don’t need it now to start a blog for beginners

If you keep reading something without any single actions you make, then it will be considered as only reading similar to the newspaper instead of learning something.

So start something, make mistakes and learn practical knowledge. once you have done, then all your mistakes will teach you how to do, where to do, what to do,?                                             

Start a blog for beginners will guide you to make your first blog with step by step method.

I have seen in almost all well-experienced bloggers saying that “You can benefit from more than a decade of my experience so that you don’t repeat these same mistakes when you make your own blog”  and they write a post how to start a blog for beginners without any common mistakes.