Guide only for Beginners

"Keep Learning New Things, Nothing will be waste !
It will help you somewhere in your life"

Keep in mind that,  To start blogging about something doesn’t mean that you need complete knowledge about it. Rather you need the skill to present content in a better way to attract the readers.

For beginners who have started a blog recently, keep this following tutorial to gain some basic knowledge and not to involve off-page SEO activity until your blog filled with minimum 20 to 30 articles

This is all about landing page optimization and this on-page SEO factor is an important part of SEO for beginners.
So this is the time that you’re going to pay attention because it’s very important to get started.

SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization hopefully, you probably already knew that.

To put it simply, SEO really is optimizing your website or blog for search engines and in other words,      

We’re going to talk about keyword research for the newbie which is really one of the first things that you’re gonna do in the SEO process.     
So the first thing I want to do is actually cover the basics 
 So the first thing I want to do is actually cover the basics There are a plenty of ideas available for blogging on the internet but here I used the ideas of blogging only for the students who can get benefits by himself first in terms of knowledge. then he can get benefits of earning money from that.