31 blog ideas that make money online for beginners

Stop Research, Start Action

I have listed some of the blog ideas that make money. In the internet, money value is based on the keyword searches on the search engines. Just install the keyword everywhere chrome extension and check the keywords worth everywhere.

CPC (cost per click), where the advertisers ready to pay for you, when readers clicked on their ads in your keywords focused websites or blogs.so I have listed some popular topics here in this articles in order to simulate the beginner’s brain to think more about blog topics in their niches or interest.

Keep in mind that,  To start blogging about something doesn’t mean that you need complete knowledge about it. Rather you need the skill to present content in a better way to attract the readers.

1. Blog about Travel around the world Everyone Likes to travel around the world, But few got chances to visit amazing places, Don’t worry – start around the world on the internet and collect some information and details.
2. “Complete Guide for travellers” It is narrow subject to help the travellers around the world by helping them from booking their tickets, hotels, tips etc.
3. The most visited tourist places in the world are “LAS VEGAS STRIP”. it is best ideas for the blog to start “All about las vegas strip”So you can help target customers.
4. Another blog idea that attracts the readers and can make money in “Top 10 about any places”Because when traveler planned for the trips to any places. definitely, they will start to search in google to find the best things in that places.
31 best blog ideas that make money
5.“Blog about Blogging” Keep it as a secondary blog to make money, whatever the blog you already running or planned to run, you will keep learning about blogging, So it is better to help another blog starter from your own perspective. This is high demand blog topics compared to other and this industry has tons of services, tools, and products available on the internet with the affiliate program, where you can earn money once your blog growing.
6.  Blog-tracking site Technorati says 175,000 new blogs appear per day worldwide. So there is still big space available to help the new blogger like beginnersblog.net Help new blog beginners on niche blogging subject in a simple manner like for dummies.
7. Blogging is a vast area where you can guide people from “how to post quality content” to “how to make money from blogging”. So choose single niche on blogging industry either like quality content, grow traffic, On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO etc Help blogger by providing complete details with any single blogging niche
8. Read the idea no 7 again, there are huge numbers of the blog appears per day worldwide, whereas everyone will search on google about blog ideas that make money. Really you can stick with these blogs ideas. you can focus target customers easily.
9. Another blog idea that makes money and popular niche is A blog about SEO for beginners whereas you can learn SEO and guide new blogger with a simple explanation about SEO.
10.“Blog about writing” another high demand blog niche in the list, everything available resources on the internet are filled with content which written by a lot of writers.
11. Learning anything is not an easy task but when it is designed perfectly in tutorials aspects with the number of modules. It can help and attract the readers Blog about Tutorials of Programming. these kind of blogs are nowadays most searching on the search engine. when people try to learn something, they type “Tutorials”+ “C Program“.
12. “Tutorials blog for schools students”Normally students get bored in class, whereas they search their subjects on google when they wish to learn easily. 
13. Best blog topics that can make money to blog about “Tutorials about any software” like Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, video editing tools etc.
14. “DIY Tutorials” One of the best and popular niches on youtube is DIY, So people wish to learn a lot about DIY in their field. Try to choose DIY tutorials in the single niche.
15. The rapid growth of population and due to its globalization policy, demand is growing for the need of learning a language for everyone and it is a good idea for blogging to make money too. So, Blog about Language Tutorials can help readers to learn the new language in an easy way.
16. Almost everyone’s aims behind making a blog or website to make money. Hope you will learn a lot about how to make money online while blogging so you can keep it as a secondary blog “Money Making Guide”.
17. “Affiliate marketing guide for beginners” One of the main sources for making money on blogging is affiliate marketing where you can keep blogging about affiliate marketing and it is the best ideas too. 
18. “Money making scam websites” There are tons of blogs and websites available on internet which almost scam or waste of time for money making. Keep blogging on these platforms to help the new blogger to stay away from it and can make money from once traffic grows.
19. “Google Adsense Guide” Every new blogger’s dreams is to apply and get the approval of Google Adsense to make money from their websites but at the beginning, they suffer a lot to get approval. the guide from google will be straightforward to help the bloggers whereas they will not teach everything about google adsense.
20. “Freelancer guide” Apart from the blogging there is another way to make money online quickly and easily is a freelancer, so you can blog about that and help readers.
21. Health is much valuable than money and real wealth is good health. Now people are ready to spend a lot of money and time to learn healthy life “Blog about healthy life” is another amazing idea to make a blog and earn money from readers.
22. People are now much aware and moving to naturopathy medicines from allopathy which is really helpful for everyone “Blog about naturopathy medicine”
23. “Blog about herbal cooking”Now people understands that cooking with herbal products can clear a lot of prolonged diseases. 
24. Peoples are fed up with 8-5 jobs and searching in google to know about all business to start “Blog about Guide for Small Business”
25.“Blog about Homemade business” it is another platform to earn a reasonable amount where you can collect all possible ways to make money from homemade business and help the reader to start their business in the home.
26 “Blog about only to focus on business ideas”  find and list out all possible ideas of business in various fields
27. “Blog about part time business niche” this is another high volume keyword searches in the google whereas people looking for part time job after 8-5 jobs to make extra money.
28. “Blog about the business guide for women” Now women’s not only for cooking, they already started and growing with men, so helping business for women is another best niche to start.
29. “Write about some special skill on business like blog about marketing” when anyone starts a business their next thing will learn a related skill like marketing etc.
30. “Blogging all about customer service” another best niche to start and a lot of affiliate program available to make money from that too.
31.“Guide for e-commerce business” It is another suggestion blog to earn bucks in online, which there is a lot of affiliate tools and service are there to promote. Apart from the classical business whoever have, their next aim is to do samething in online which is e-commerce business and not only that even you don’t need to have any physical business to start an e-commerce business.