best blogging ideas for students to make money online

Stop Research, Start Action

This Blogging ideas mainly focus on students and I have mentioned only a few methods.

There are a plenty of ideas available for blogging on the internet but here I used the ideas of blogging only for the students who can get benefits by himself first in terms of knowledge. then he can get benefits of earning money from that.

So I provide the ideas only based on that. because there is possible to waste a lot of time (you cannot earn back) in useless blogging to make money, instead of that, you can get some knowledge(sure it will help you for the lifetime) at least, even if you don’t make much money.

Students can focus based on ideas I have listed out. the time period of any students life never come back again to study or enjoy, so make sure about the ideas you choosing for blogging should focus more to develop your skill and knowledge than to focus on earning money.

Final word, last but not least no one can succeed anything in a single try, don’t worry if you make mistakes and going in the wrong route still you have more life to find the right path. Even don’t worry if you fall again into the wrong method, the mistakes help you to write millions of failure stories to guide peoples.


In a nutshell, the blog is nothing but providing informational content, discussion, writing our interest or passion etc on the world wide web. a blog post or articles appearing on a website with the recent entry and it has features of the comments section and links to another website for user interactivity. definition of blogging is only to define in dictionary purpose, you no need to make the blog as per definition, instead, you can feed anything.

  • You can write articles daily or weekly or monthly as per your wish.
  • Even you can provide a single solution or tool for the reader.
  • blogging simply increase your writing skill and can gather more knowledge in your interest.

Know some facts about blogging

  • WordPress and Blogspot are the two most popular blogging platforms.
  • Aapproximately, today there are 1.5 blogs on the internet, WordPress alone has over 60 million of them.
  • Most of the blogs are read in the morning.
    Blogger uses social media to promote their blogs.


Before you proceed to learn about making money from the blogging. Keep the following things in mind

  • There are huge methods available on the internet to make money if you have any type of good quality of audience on your blog.
  • You cannot make money from the blog by the day 1, but you can start making money one day definitely.
  • My personal suggestion is to focus only on how to start a perfect blog, by the time passes you will learn a lot of things.
  • If you reading only the ways to make money without starting any single blog, you cannot start any blog.
  • You can get the proper knowledge not only by the reading information but also act upon it.

There are huge ways available to make money online from your existing blogging with decent traffic. here I am going to list out the common methods to make money from your it to know in-depth of each method. Don’t try to use all method to make money in the initial stage. my suggestion is to get knowledge of all topics. choose 2 or 3 methods to make money.
1.affiliate marketing
3.Email marketing
4.sell e-books
5.sell courses
6.sell digital products
7.sponsored articles.
8.sell coaching services


Blogging is best for students Because,

  • You are using the internet in smartphone or system daily or at least once a day for searching something like how to learn some stuff, what is things, where it is, why it is?
  • You already know some basic things about the internet, website, email, social networking like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.
    -you know how to find what you want from google .right!
  • For any students. I mean here from higher secondary to college students almost 5 to 7 years, your main motto is learning and developing skills in some specialised subject or tools not to earn money but still you can without affecting your studies, I will help you soon how you can in this article.
  • Learning is not simply reading or studying something to write answers for the exam. I can say or anyone can say if you teach another student or can make someone to understand the things you learned then I can say now who got sound knowledge in that.

So, blogging is best for students

  • To teach someone in some specialised things.
  • To increase your skill set in that concept or tools.
  • To increase your writing skill (are you fearing that, I don’t have much knowledge to write something in English .no issues, I will help you out this issues soon, keep reading the article until the end).
  • Not only it helps you to develop your skill but also you can make money from that. so it will increase confidential level in society to live. from my personal experience definitively you will get a different level of confidence when you make money from by yourself even it is a small amount of money.
  • Let us see some top 10 best blogging ideas for any students to start the blog, you no need to stop for upcoming 10 ideas, you know yourself better than, you can stick with your own ideas.

Choose your blog on project ideas in your field 

what is tutorial means?

The tutorial is nothing but the method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning and it has no definite meaning to describe or simply we can say tutorial is termed as teaching session given to one student or a small group of students.

If you feel boredom in a class on the particular subject, but you would like to understand the concepts in better you. then the tutorial is your next step to find and learn on the web, which is designed in order to help anyone to understand the concept very easily

  • It should have the different method to teach and not bore the reader to learn something.
  • Readers prefer tutorial on the internet instead of learning anything in the classroom.
  • It should have step by step method of learning anything.
  • Whatever highly in-depth concept you are going to teach, you should start from basic.
  • It should contain some ppt presentation, videos, images to increase reader comfortability.
  • It should be very precise and updated.
  • It should be very clear, simple English

Why starting the tutorial blogging for the basic subject is best?

let me ask you something, what will you do if you want to learn some concept in your subjects but you could not understand from textbook or blackboard.?…you say, I will google it.obviously, you are right. everyone has internet in their hand.

Not only for the students but also any experts, any engineering, any profession wherever they are. if they want to be better in their field, they should know basics in their field. for that, if they have any doubts about their basics, they will not go for the book, instead, they prefer to go the internet for the tutorial for those subjects.

you may ask,
already there are large numbers amount of blogs and websites providing such quality content of basics subjects in the tutorial style if I start the same tutorial blog again, what is the use or how my blog is going to be top?

for this questions, I want to ask you something.!
Is that only one website or blog available for tutorial.?
no, there were a lot of tutorial websites for basic subjects.
think about that even the first blog already there is available to provide the tutorial for basic subjects, why the second guy started the same thing?

He thinks that he can give something little different from the first one and the third guy thinks the same.millions of peoples starting some service or business thinking that they can give much better and different than the existing one.

Even if you sit 24hrs a day to think widely to bring an idea to provide new non-existence idea of blogging and even if you succeed in that, without doubt within month new guy will open the another blog same like you with little different and provide much better than you.

So, you no need to worry about the questions how I am going be the run my blog in top with existing ideas of blog.?

Finally, why the tutorial blog is best for students is even we need to learn and must have sound knowledge in the basic subjects, so while we keep posting the tutorials on basic subjects without doubts you to learn it well.

How to choose and where I get tutorials content for my blog

It is simple, you cannot give the different content of any subjects apart from the existing materials available on your subject .because 2 plus 2 is will not change anymore. the thing is the presentation of any content should be different and attract readers to stay you can get the content already available on the internet and text books and make it more clear with pictures, presentation and videos etc


My next ideas are blogging about the project ideas because of the 10th method about the tutorial on basics of the subject is which is the wide concept whereas you need to work more or focus on all aspects of basics subjects and you need the team to accomplish the task. if you feel that ideas are not suitable for you .then try this idea

why project ideas of blogging are best?

  • You can focus on only one niche content where you can get the quality reader for your blog.
  • Everyone in the college and some schools have the project need to be submitted by students.
  • This is one of the interesting things for any students but what I was done in my college days, wasted almost months to choose the projects that are called thinking about the project ideas.
  • So you can help any students to provide the ideas in various fields to start the project.
  • Due to the single concept of blogging ideas about the project idea, you no need the team to prepare the blog, simply you can collect the data and start feed in your blog.

Choose your topics on job vacancy information sites

Any fresher comes out from the college, everyone looking for jobs in an online rather than newspapers.

Not only helps the reader on your website but also you will learn a lot while you write.
following things will help you how to categorise your website on this topics

  • Design your website in order to help college students basis on department wise like a Mechanical engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical engineer and software engineers, accountant, etc.
  • Then you can collect information on following things on each category
    List of companies on (areas) for (Mechanical engineer ) job
    How to get a job for (civil engineer).
    Where to learn (special courses) for (mechanical ) jobs
    How to write a resume for (mechanical) job.

You can write articles on around these topics to help readers of job finder.

Choose topics on higher studies

For any students, higher studies are everyone’s dream after finishing their college studies and good for their career in the future.
So, you can start research on

  • what higher studies available.
  • Available institutions have higher education.
  • What are the exams need to crack to enter that institution?

Fill your blog with all possible resources about higher studies in all stream.

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